09 Apr 2017

100dayreset banner

A new approach to boosting YOUR customer loyalty

100dayreset Quote 2April is all about Spring and fresh skin beginnings. THE perfect time to step clients up to a new skincare journey. Last October we introduced the benefits of a #100DayReset Programme. Now, we’re delighted to announce a full marketing package to bring the #100DayReset Programme into your business.

This three month client retention programme will help you:

  1. Take a fresh approach to addressing skincare concerns with each of your clients 
  2. Plan monthly client reviews, treatments and to top up on homecare products 
  3. Introduce all 3 brands into your clients’ skincare programme.

The new #100DayReset packs contain information to guide you through the process and marketing material to promote the programme to clients. They’ll be in stock at the end of April.

Contact us on 020 8450 2020 for more information.