David Alpert, MD and co-founder, reflects on an inspirational 25 years

25 years ago, Tracy set up base in a tiny little backroom of our north London flat, to bring a totally unknown South African brand, Environ®, to the attention of skincare professional therapists in the UK and Ireland.

It’s difficult to imagine the world back then – no internet or mobile phones and concepts like antioxidants, free radicals or the thought of applying vitamins to one’s skin were unheard of. At the time, the skincare industry was dominated entirely by the large French skincare brands. Yet, despite no marketing budget, Tracy armed herself with a map and slide projector (no laptops in those days) and started on the journey to building a loyal group of clients – many of whom are still with us today. What soon became evident was just how effective those early Environ products were.

When I joined Tracy in the business in 1999 our approach to market was simple. Values of integrity, efficacy and education lay at our core. Today, after a quarter of a century, I am delighted to say those original values remain solidly in place, as does our promise to empower skincare professionals to deliver the very best results for their clients. We are now the third largest supplier of skincare to the professional market. By applying talent and innovation across every aspect of our organisation, our leadership in this space will continue.

I believe that for the iiaa and our network of skincare professionals, the future is exciting and our invitation is to join us in making the most of it.

David Alpert | Managing Director and Co-founder

25 years of first-to-market innovations

The iconic years

Every year of our quarter of a century journey has driven us forward, but some have marked a true turning point. We’ve highlighted key milestones below, read on to hear our inspiring story.