A Spoonful of Beauty
02 May 2017

Nutritional supplements are an increasingly hot topic in the media, and beauty opinion is questioning whether the real innovation in skincare is likely to be ingestible as opposed to topical.

Health conscious people are starting to realise that it’s difficult to get all the nutrients they need from their diet. Studies* have shown that the nutritional profile of food has decreased significantly decade to decade, due to poor soil and intensive farming methods. Data from The Composition of Foods by McCance and Widdowson suggests that during a 50 year period, potatoes have lost 47 % copper, 45 % iron and 35 % calcium while carrots showed even bigger declines. Broccoli suffered an 80 % drop in copper while calcium content was a quarter of what it had been in 1940, a pattern repeated in tomatoes. As an example, you would need to have eaten 10 tomatoes in 1991 to have obtained the same copper intake as from one tomato in 1940, and nutrient levels have continued to plummet in subsequent years. 

Some people erroneously believe that because the nutrients in vitamin supplements are ‘flushed out’, there is little point taking them. 

“We excrete water, but that doesn’t mean our bodies don’t need it” says Tracy Tamaris, our Director of Education. “It’s the same with supplements. The water soluble nutrients such as Vitamin C or Vitamin B2 stay in our system for a relatively short period of time, they do their job, and by product is removed by the body. We still need to take them every day.”

There is a growing body of evidence to show that feeding skin from within can dramatically improve its appearance, and the steady rise of the supplements market is testament to this. According to Mintel, sales are set to reach £421 million and over the past year alone the number of daily vitamin and supplement users has increased by 5%, meaning that just under half of all Britons take vitamins every day. 

High Street or Professional?

So why should your clients buy skincare supplements from a professional skin expert? 

“Working in this industry has given a real insight into the importance of quality” says David Alpert, our Managing Director. “From our work over the past decade, we have learnt that the quality of the raw ingredients varies hugely between suppliers, and manufacturers don’t always work to the same standard that we demand for our brand.

We have every confidence in our network of Skincare Professionals who are ideally placed to help their clients ensure they use supplements high in purity and effectiveness. They can also be confident that the Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM is backed by rigorous testing to guarantee consistency and ensure that our suppliers source sustainably. Good for the skin AND for the environment.”