David Alpert - Managing Director
David Alpert, Managing Director

"I founded the iiaa to empower skincare professionals to achieve the best results for their clients. Constant innovation has kept us firmly at the forefront of our industry with the dual values of results and integrity running right to our core."

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The iiaa philosophy is very clear: Feed Fortify Finish™. It’s a concept that, over the past 25 years, has taken us, our partners and the beauty industry in new directions. Today, the iiaa is a leading distributor of scientific, research-backed and, most importantly, healthy skincare. A portfolio of brands that make a real difference to your skin.

As a member of the Beauty Companies Association (BCA), we continually help to develop the direction of the industry. We share a voice that represents the needs of our partners, and de-myth stereotypes associated with the beauty industry.

Obsessed with the best

Every one of our brands and products has this in common - a skin health obsession. We’re also proud to share that obsession with our network of independent salons and spas across the UK and Ireland, along with carefully selected national retail partners. Values of efficacy and integrity combine with professionalism and the personal touch that clients can rely on.

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Firsts in beauty

The iiaa have revolutionised the beauty industry with our ambitious and innovative concepts:

First for skincare supplements
First for skincare supplements

A leading company advocating the ‘feed from within’ concept by harnessing the added benefits of beauty supplements.

First for vitamin skincare
First for vitamin skincare

We introduced Environ® into the UK and Ireland, the first brand to have skin enhancing vitamin A and essential nutrients at the core of its range.

First for mineral makeup
First for mineral makeup

Jane Iredale ignored the rule book when it comes to make-up. She created a range that looks good, feels great and is healthy for your skin. Our skincare professionals know that the salon treatments are enhanced further when finished with the protection that only jane iredale® minerals can provide.

First in-salon skin analysis
First for in-salon skin analysts

The iiaa developed in-salon events to help your clients and boost business to mutual benefit. By enabling salons of all sizes the opportunity to offer this unique service, we help build client loyalty, track improvements and ensure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of our ranges.

First make-up events
First for in-salon makeup artists

Make-up is often not considered part of a skincare regime. We think differently, and lead the way in in-salon makeover events to ensure your clients are beautifully colour matched, learn techniques that enhance and use minerals to protect the good you have achieved with your treatments.

First for recruitment
First for recruitment

Our unique Beautymatch recruitment service supplies both our salons and the wider beauty industry with pre-vetted, pre-trained staff that make an impact on day one. Our team work tirelessly to ensure clients and candidates are perfectly matched.

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Proud to do what's right

We’re proud to be the jane iredale® and Environ® UK and Ireland representatives. Inspired by iiaa founders, David Alpert and Tracy Tamaris, every person in the company is committed to delivering the best service: to our clients, to our partners and to each other.

Our values reflect the products we provide: quality, integrity, efficacy and a passion to make a real difference to peoples lives. To complement jane iredale® and Environ®, the Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) was created in 2006 to complete the circle and feed the skin from within. Even better, every ANP skin supplement has a story all of its’ own. Ethical, highest quality sourcing from around the world and manufacturing processes that continually exceed industry standards.

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We're a friendly, enthusiastic bunch at the iiaa. Everyone who works here has real passion for fantastic skincare and excellent customer service. The iiaa prides itself on helping each team member reach their full potential, encouraging new ideas and creativity.