Antioxidant glow is preferred to a real ‘tan’
14 Aug 2015

Antioxidant glow is preferred to a real ‘tan’


We always say there’s no such thing as a healthy tan but there is a UV-free way to get a good-looking glow. A study into the role of skin colouration in perception of facial attractiveness found that people preferred the glow given by consuming plenty of carotenoids to a melanin-induced tan.


While carotenoid colouration darkens skin less than melanin, the carotenoids (antioxidants in fruit and vegetables) increase the red and yellow tones in your skin substantially more. Participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of faces with different types of colouration. 


While darker faces were generally rated more attractive than pale faces, 86 per cent of the test participants rated the high-carotenoid version of each face higher than the low-carotenoid face. They repeated the experiment with a high-melanin face and high-carotenoid face and a massive 75.9% rated the high-carotenoid faces more attractive. So get feasting on colourful foods and top up with antioxidant supplements for a beautiful year-round glow.


*The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Vol 68, 2, 2015 Fruit over sunbed: Carotenoid skin colouration is found more attractive than melanin colouration