Are you hiding talent and potential?
03 Jan 2017

iiaa Training


The beauty industry is booming and competition is fierce. Providing the best customer care as well as excellence of service is down to keeping knowledge current. Therapists can only hide gaps in their knowledge and experience for a short time before it starts to impact on a salon’s reputation. This month we spoke to Clare Muir, our Training Director to find out why training is so vital for your business.

“These days, beauty professionals can no longer afford to hide behind shortage of time or resources when it comes to keeping skills and knowledge up to date. We are all seeing a greater level of intervention by regulators so training is the best investment that beauty industry employers can make for their business. Commitment to continuous improvement is also a very strong message to staff. Therapists appreciate the opportunity to learn new skills and staff morale is higher at companies where employees receive regular training because it improves their performance and the way they view their future.”

Commitment to education will build confidence and help your therapists be more productive. Customers benefit, staff retention improves and reputationally the salon will reap the rewards so it’s a win-win situation.” 

We offer training in five venues; Dublin, London, Weston-Super-Mare, Leeds and Birmingham. To find out more about the training we offer please call 020 8450 2020 ext. 254