Be Vitamin A skin HAPPY
09 May 2016

If you could be shown a way of keeping your skin looking young and fresh, would you hold back? As time goes by, the natural process of ageing is inevitable. So, is there really an answer to holding back time? The answer is: Vitamin A.

The process of ageing starts from the inside out so your clients need to know that happy skin comes from feeding it with the right nutrients as well as topically. It’s a fact that even good skincare regimes can only reach so far. Stress, pollution, diet all take their toll. Think about time spent in sunlight too. Although sunlight is essential to provide natural health benefits, overexposure is instrumental in causing wrinkles and pigmentation. Maintaining healthy skin with Vitamin A supplements daily, has also been given the stamp of approval by the European Food Standard Authority. So, an effective skincare regime should recommend Vitamin A as the ultimate skin nutrient in combination with Vitamin A rich skincare.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skin Care, says:

“Vitamin A is the total controller of how skin cells develop, grow and mature into the various specialised cells of the skin.“

Lorraine Perretta, iiaa Head of Nutrition adds: “Vitamin A plays a key role in maximising skin health and resilience. To get the best results of any professional treatment, therapists need to help their clients consider the role of vitamin A supplementation plays.“