Bigger & Better Facilities & Services
20 Sep 2017

We’re delighted to have doubled the size of our stunning London Head Office to provide even better services to our clients. We have added three extra training rooms in response to higher demand, an additional futuristic new warehousing area, a climate controlled packing plant plus a new Skin Health Research Centre with state-of-the-art testing facilities for our Advanced Nutrition Programme™ formulas. 

Packing Plant

NEW packing plant
The past two years have seen fantastic growth in demand for our Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements, both nationally and from overseas distributors. We are now stocked in 14 countries, with five more waiting to sign on the dotted line. Our new space at Head Office features a futuristic climate controlled packing plant, and means we have far greater control over the packaging materials used, so we can ensure that they are in keeping with our environmental policy. The supplements are packed in a strictly controlled environment which preserves the high quality of the ingredients, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy.

Skin Research Centre

NEW training rooms
Three additional training rooms have been added to double the educational capacity at our London based headquarters. These will be used for the practical elements of our training courses and will help us meet the high demand for places.

NEW Skin Health Research Centre
Rigorous testing ensures that we exceed industry standards when it comes to the quality of our Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements. Our new on-site research centre will be used for assessing the latest anti-ageing ingredients and developing new products for beautiful skin from the inside out. 

NEW State-of-the-art Warehouse
Our new picking and packing plant has been designed to improve capacity and give visitors an experiential insight into the scale of our operation. The new facilities will make processing your orders even more efficient.