Business Quarterly
06 Mar 2017

Business Quarterly

In this special feature, we will provide our point of view on the big questions that every business owner is addressing. Everything from building your business strategy through to client retention to help you navigate better results in 2017.

This quarter we look at SOCIAL MEDIA.


Are you looking to market your business on social media?  Are you interested in working with bloggers to get your message to a wider network?

Millennials trust peer group recommendations rather than advertising and this helps guide their decisions, including skincare and make-up brands.


Social media, used in the right way, engages your current clients and can reach new ones. The right post will spread higher awareness about your services and what makes you unique, plus create positive brand following.

The use of social media is increasing. In 2016, the gap between Facebook users aged 55+ and 15 – 24 year olds, reduced to just 4%, while Instagram exploded with over 14 million users in the UK alone.

2016 was also the year that influencer led social marketing went mainstream. Using the right influencer as your brand advocate can be powerful. However, it’s really important to choose bloggers or vloggers that reflect your client base, skin health values and brands. Treat them well as their followers value their authenticity and honest recommendations.

What #HASHTAGS do I use & who do I tag?

Hashtags to use

Salon social media posts and influencer posts are a great way of raising awareness of your salon and our brands. In order to make sure the right audience is engaging with these posts, it's important to follow these two quick and easy steps:

  1. Tag the iiaa social channels and the relevant brand social channels
  2.  HASHTAGs to use:

#iiaa #feedfortifyfinish  #advancednutritionprogramme
#skinaccumax #skinomegas #environuk #janeiredaleuk #itonlytakesaminute

Social Media Glossary 

Define 'influencer'?
An 'influencer' is anyone who has the power to affect someone or something. An avid social media user who can reach a significant audience and drive awareness about a product, trend, topic or opinion.

The power of a #HASHTAG
A hashtag is a word or phrase that has a hashtag (#) sign before the word. It allows people to follow topics easily, and it creates a buzz if enough people use the hashtag, which can lead to the topic trending.

Definition of a 'like'?
To 'like' something on social media is an understood expression of support and admiration for content. Along with shares and comments, these can build huge amounts of engagement and brand awareness.    

What does #TRENDING mean?
A trend refers to a hashtag driven topic that is immediately popular at a specific time. This can then create more discussion around the topic, as they can then trend worldwide.

Why, when and how do you tag someone on social media?
You tag someone on social media that you want to see the post, if you are writing a post that involves them, or you want your followers to know that person is involved in what you are writing about. To do this you will need their social handle, and you write it with an ‘@’ in front of it.



Top tips for social media success

Showcase your workShowcase your work
Whether it’s gorgeous bridal make-up, an amazing before/after or a beautiful window display, regularly post images to show off your salon’s achievements.

Increase your followers
Encourage your clients to follow you on social media by offering them an incentive such as a discounted facial. Ask them to share your posts with their own followers so that your message reaches a wider audience – you could run a competition where everyone who shares your post is entered into a prize draw.

Post engaging content
Skincare tips, links to blogs, ‘how to’ make-up videos all tend to be popular. People are more likely to like and share it.

Post regularlyPost regularly
People need a reason to keep visiting your social media pages, so aim to post at least once a day.

Stay on trend
Find out what people are talking about in your area on Twitter by searching for relevant hashtags e.g. #Londonfacials #DublinBeauty and join the conversation, directing people back to your website.

Facebook reviews
Treat your Facebook page like an extension of your website. It needs to look engaging and all your services should be listed. Encourage your clients to leave Facebook reviews on their in-salon experience.

AdvertiseGet your clients involved

Offer them an incentive to upload an amazing makeover, manicure or before/after picture to their own social media and ask them to hashtag it with your salon name or share it with you on Facebook so that your clients can see it. 


Facebook enables you to run highly targeted pay-per click ads, you can choose who sees it and you can set your own budget.



Social Media Statistics