Case Study
26 Nov 2015

Case Study

Beth Jones from Tunbridge Wells

“I have been taking Skin Omegas+ since November 2014 for my excessively dry skin. It has completely changed my skin! 

“Before I would often suffer with it badly. It would be sore, dry, crack and looked unattractive. I had tried everything over the years. I'd changed my diet, cut out wheat, taken high street supplements and tried hundreds of products. Since taking Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements it hardly bothers me anymore.

“It's the best change I've ever made, and has changed my life. I'd never stop taking them now.“

“The best improvement for me has been my hands, I was embarrassed at how they looked and couldn't hide them. I'd always wear long sleeves to try and cover them up. 

"People would also often comment on them, asking what was wrong with them, which made me more self-conscious. I would always avoid wearing dresses because of my legs, so never felt good on a night out.

“Now everyone has noticed the improvements and tells me how much better my skin looks. I feel so much more confident in myself and comfortable in my skin. I can finally wear what I want.“