iiaa hosts Dr Yehudi Gordon
10 Apr 2018

iiaa Ltd has kicked off a new operational year on March 14th with the first of a number of new VIP seminars, designed to further empower skin professionals to deliver the very best outcomes for their clients’ skin.

The first iiaa seminar welcomed Dr Yehudi Gordon, (MB, Bch, MD, FRCOG, FCOG SA) author and consultant gynaecologist. Dr Yehudi Gordon, recognised as a leading authority in the area of holistic womens’ healthcare and a proponent of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) addressed over 100 skincare professionals on dealing with the menopause and healthy ageing.

Joined by Lorraine Perretta, Head of Nutrition at the iiaa, the seminar explored why hormones change during the ageing process, how that affects skin and how to manage the journey by taking a personalised approach, from the inside out.

Dr Yehudi Gordon also shared the latest research on Bio identical hormone replacement therapy, how it is different to conventional HRT and said: “We age because our DNA and lifestyle cause hormone levels to decline. Bio Identical hormones may help to restore and maintain optimal health and hormone balance.”

Lorraine Perretta added: “It’s important to get balance from within. A diet needs to balance blood sugar levels, minimal caffeine, sugar and alcohol with precision skincare supplementation to ensure the appropriate levels of magnesium and essential daily Omega 3.”