Charlotte RiderTraining Centre: Leeds

"My journey within the Beauty industry started at 'The Central college of Health and Beauty' in Leeds, where I gained my beauty qualifications. My ultimate goal at that time was to work for Steiner as a Spa therapist on a cruise ship. This was something I had been wanting to do since I had been a very young girl.

While I gained my qualifications I got my first job as a part time make up artist working for Bobbi Brown cosmetics. This was just the very start of the passion and flair I have for the make up industry. The thing I love most about make up is not just the transformation, but more about the confidence you can give women, to feel beautiful in their own skin. This is completely inspiring!

Once I had gained my beauty qualifications I then wanted to pursue my dream to work for Steiner. I secured my first contract on a carnival cruise liner, as a body specialist, working with a treatment called ionothermie - an inch loss treatment. 

I adored my time on ship, and although I throughly enjoyed the experience I am very much a homebird, and missed my family dearly.

I then secured a Counter Manager position working for Laura Mercier cosmetics, in Harvey Nichols Leeds.

My passion for skin and make-up continued full force.

I worked for Laura Mercier for 6 years in that time I gained alot of experience within bridal make up and building my team, I discovered my love for training and developing staff members. It was from this I realised my dream job was to become was to be an Trainer.

I was absolutely delighted to start my career with the iiaa as one of the 'College Programme Educators', further developing into one of the company Educators in Leeds'"

What inspires you to train?
"I adore my role as an Educator, across all three brands. The thing I love most is when a therapist comes on training feeling unsure or  under confident in either skin or make up, but leaves your training room feeling quite the opposite. 

Feeling knowledgable and excited to start their journey with our iiaa Brands. "

What is your desert island product?
"My desert island product! This is so hard, I just can't possibly pick one! However one of my absolute favourite's has to be 'Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturiser in warm bronze' This will give your skin a lovely glow whilst also protecting you from those harmful UVA and UVB Ray's that we know damage our skin!'