Training Centre: Weston-Super-Mare

"I trained at a college in Oxfordshire where I grew up. Once I completed my Level 3 NVQ I went straight into spa work at the prestigious Pennyhill Park in Surrey. I later moved to London and worked in Harvey Nichols as a self employed therapist and I completed my Teaching degree. It was after a couple of years Teaching NVQ2 and 3 in College that I found the iiaa! I started with the the company as a skin analyst 5 years ago, always knowing that my dream was to become a trainer and in 2014 that dream came true!"

What inspires you to train?

"The students! To be the fuel to their sparks for the industry, to give the front line of our industry the tools they need to get real results for their clients. You always learn something new when teaching, even when you are familiar with the subject, I'm all about continual growth.  The day you think you know everything, is the day you should stop teaching. Teaching touches the future. The students in my classroom are the future of the beauty industry and their laughter and inspiration for the industry continues to inspire me!"

What is your desert island product?

"So tough! If I had to pick one.... My skin always loves me a little bit more when I apply an Environ® Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsule right before bed! My skin will feel incredible the next day, super hydrated and energised! Great for banishing Sunday drinkies....And since you are sending me to a desert island it will also be great for coping with the atmospheric changes when I'm flying!"