Our aim is to move into the future in the most ecologically sound way possible, reducing demands on natural resources, finding more than one way to reuse essential materials and demonstrating respect for the planet in the way we work.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Respect.



We challenge ourselves to claim less of the earth’s natural resources.



We’re getting smart on how to reuse every day materials to reduce the use of energy and raw material, whether new or recycled.



We will set an example to contribute positively with recycling practices that will contribute to the health of our planet.



Our goal is to demonstrate respect for the planet across 100% of our operations.

We’re committed to making sure that the waste created by our supply chain is reused and recycled. We have programmes in place to ensure that the materials we use in our wholly owned products are sourced with care. We source paper and materials responsibly, protecting sustainable forests and recycle across all aspects of our business operations. We encourage every one of our employees to be thoughtful of the resources and energy they use in the daily operation of their work. We set goals for our suppliers, manufacturing and testing processes that go beyond what is required by law. Is this enough.

No. It’s just the beginning.


We have eliminated plastic milk bottles used for staff refreshments and now use glass bottles which are returned to the milkman and reused. This has saved over 2080 plastic bottles.


We use re-manufactured printer cartridges, have recycled 100’s of printer cartridges and use only 100% recycled paper for printing and copying.


By sending international shipments by sea instead of air we have reduced C02 emissions by 84%


We recycle about 25kg of electrical items every month, both from iiaa and from personal staff items.