Festive Stress Busters
04 Dec 2017

Traditionally December is a time to catch up with friends and family and it’s important to ensure that you also catch up on some much needed rest. Skin that hasn’t benefited from a good night’s sleep often looks puffy, dull and lifeless. Sleep is also one of the most important factors for successful ageing so it’s important that you get enough. Following a comprehensive review of published scientific studies on sleep and health, The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should have between 7-9 hours’ sleep per day.

Night is the perfect time to use your more intensive skincare products, like hydrating oils, serums and targeted masques. It is also an opportunity to intensify body treatments. Making these part of your night time ritual means you can wake up the next day with soft and smooth skin. A great method for soft, smooth feet is using Environ® A, C & E Oil and Derma-Lac Lotion on feet at night before bed. After applying the lotions, wrap your feet in clingfilm before putting on socks and leave overnight.

Not just the colours of holly but in the nutritional sense, eating green and red foods will help with energy, vibrancy and cleansing.

Red foods such as tomatoes, red berries and seafood such as salmon and prawns contain antioxidants including lycopene, anthocyanins and astanxanthin. Green vegetables such as watercress, spinach, chard, kale, courgettes, celery, lettuces, kiwi fruits, cucumbers & asparagus possess some of the most crucial nutrients for health, energy production, detoxification, rejuvenation and longevity.

Dark leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll (similar in chemical structure to iron), many B vitamins, minerals and fibre for an overall healthy body and blood system. Leafy greens are very alkalising too, helping to buffer the typically acidic western diet that commonly underpins most states of disease.

Lutein is a particular plant antioxidant found in kale, chard, and romaine lettuce. It helps to protect the eyes & ensure our long-term visual health. Broccoli is a well-loved and widely available vegetable, and actually a great source of vitamin C (as are brussel sprouts). Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that reduces disease risk, boosts the immune system, improves iron absorption, and promotes wound healing too.

Green vegetables in general are excellent sources of betacarotene (pro vitamin A), and vitamin K too (important for building bone density), as well as many of the B vitamins (such as B6 and folic acid), potassium, carotenoids and even omega-3 fatty acids.

Increased opportunities for champagne and cocktails with overheated venues can take a toll on skin. You will know you have the onset of a festively dull complexion when your skin becomes more irritable and prone to dryness with the following characteristics:

  • flakiness,
  • dehydrated and dull skin
  • an increase in fine lines

Hydration is key. Aim to increase your intake of water and reduce caffeine and fizzy drinks as they act as a mild diuretic. Also, supplementing with an omega oil supplement such as Skin Omegas+ can help to safeguard essential fatty acid levels and help maintain the skin’s lipid layer.

Don’t forget winter light also carries UVA rays and skin needs protection against free-radical damage to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Using make-up that protects the skin is also crucial. jane iredale PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation is perfect for applying after treatments to protect skin against the elements with SPF20.

Those that suffer from rosacea in particular will need additional protection against the effects of the colder weather, try Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Accumax™ as a solution. In addition to our skin, the elements take a toll on our hair and nails. They need extra protection in order to remain shiny and supple. This is a great time to try Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skincare Ultimate which benefits hair, nails and skin in one daily dose.