Forging Loyalty
12 Jan 2016

Forging Loyalty

Therapist Andrea Palmer was delighted to gain a new client as a result of the iiaa’s ‘£25 off a facial’ voucher mail-out (as detailed in our November Bulletin).

The client, a busy mum of four children, was already on AVST1 but didn’t know there was an Environ therapist just two miles from her home, until the iiaa voucher led her to the Stockist Finder to choose where to book her treatment.

Andrea said: “She was very happy with her facial and obviously valued my advice because she came back for a Colostrum Gel and intends to return for more treatments. I know she’s busy, so I enclosed a voucher with a Christmas card, giving her £10 off her next treatment, to encourage her to fix a date by mid-February.

“It’s a really good scheme because it brought someone to me who already knew how great Environ products were. I just needed to give her a good, personal treatment and to keep in touch to maintain her loyalty.”