Glad To Be Gluten Free
20 Sep 2017

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ conducted independent testing for gluten. Parameters included ensuring that finished products are below 20mg per kg of gliadin (a gluten protein), the limit set by authorities.  We are delighted to announce that the following products will now be labelled as Gluten-free

  • Skin Vit A+
  • Skin Vitality 1
  • Skin Antioxidant
  • Colostrum-C
  • Skin Collagen Support
  • Skin Vit C
  • Skin Omegas+
  • Skin Accumax™
  • Skincare Select
  • Skincare Plus
  • Skincare Ultimate

We will send the others off for testing early next week and the
results should  be with us by the end of September.

Our labels will be updated to reflect this in due course.