Ice Queen Essentials
03 Jan 2017

Ice Queen Essentials

Pristine peaks, snow sprinkled trees, ultra-cool hotels and beautiful people. The new year rush to the slopes is upon us, but that cold, clear sunshine can wreak havoc on skin. Even if your clients aren’t venturing further than their nearest cosy pub, they’ll still need to give their skin some extra TLC.

Whether they’re switching from icy slopes to a toasty chalet, or simply nipping out of their warm house into the biting cold, the change in temperature will cause dryness. The skin’s natural moisturising factors drop in winter months and ceramide levels decrease. As if this wasn’t enough, your clients also need to be wary of the sun – it may not be warm, but those deceptive winter UVA rays can still cause photo-ageing.

Here’s our Feed, Fortify, Finish™ approach to kicking off the new year with fabulous, winter-proof skin.


Skin Defender – Guard against the sun’s rays from the inside. Skin Omegas+ – Moisturise skin from within for a dewy complexion. Vitamin C Plus - Protect against pesky cold and flu bugs


Focus Hydrating Serum – Quench parched skin with this hyaluronic acid enriched formula. Use with the Cosmetic Roll-CIT® for best results. RAD SPF 15 – Superior protection against winter sun. Hydrating Oil Capsules - A luxurious night-time treat to leave dry skin silky soft


Powder-Me SPF® Dry Sunscreen - You don’t even need to take gloves off to apply this dry sunscreen. LipDrink® SPF 15 Lip Balm - Protects pouts on the piste. Starter Kit – Travel size make-up essentials, great for winter getaways