iiaa Live: Anti-Ageing from the inside out
09 Mar 2016

‘Have you had enough water today?’ is probably something you hear every day, but does it really make any difference? Advanced Nutrition Programme Brand Manager, Lorraine Perretta says: “Hell yes! The difference in drinking just one extra glass of water a day is astonishing. Strong healthy skin cannot be achieved without basic hydration and this is something that everyone can do easily.”   
The iiaa Live online skin education programme is all about giving you the facts behind the theories of great skin.

"Feed and nourish your skin. If only people paid as much attention to what they eat, as to what they wear, the effect would be completely different."

Lorraine Perretta, ANP Brand Manager

In this month’s iiaa Live video, our host Anna Richardson discusses anti-ageing from the inside-out, with Dr Rachel Watson, expert in intrinsic and external ageing, as well as an interview with Dr Des Fernandes.

The debate looks at the ‘superfood’ impact on skin ageing and how protecting skin with supplementation is a vital way to help tackle skin problems. The message is think oily fish, a colourful rainbow diet and of course, Advanced Nutrition Programme® supplements. Are you and your clients getting enough?