Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme August 2016
16 Aug 2016

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28 August 2016

ANP ReviewAdvanced Nutrition Programme Review

Overall I really loved the results I got from the Advanced Nutrition Programme and would advise trying them out to improve the health of your skin and general wellbeing... It’s all well and good to consider the skincare and makeup we apply topically to our skin to make us look and feel good but taking care of our skin
from the inside is equally if not more important. Since I’ve stopped using the Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements, my skin has not looked as good so I will definitely be purchasing more to continue taking care of my skin from the inside."

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5 August 2016

The wonders of Vitamin A

When introducing Vitamin A in the form of a supplement, however, ensure that you consult with an expert (beautician, dermatologist or doctor) as it takes time – sometimes months – for your skin to build up its strength to receive it correctly, so it needs to be monitored. Skin Complete from The Advanced Nutrition Programme, has been researched by experts and cosmetic surgeons, so you know you’re in good hands with it. It’s a supplement that contains both vitamins A and D to reduce the risk of overdosing on vitamin A. They also recommend that you use a sunblock while taking it (or any Vitamin A supplement) because a day in the sun or wind will increase cellular activity…”

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