Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme December 2016
21 Dec 2016

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15th November 2016

Get Un-Ready With Me

"[Vit A+] really help with the radiance of the skin, for anti-ageing properties… It really thickens and stimulates elastin and collagen in the skin so if you take it internally it helps rebuild the skin a little bit faster... Skin Omegas have the benefit of having fish oil which is good for people with dry skin as it’s really hydrating on the skin... I’ve seen a big difference in the radiance of my skin”

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Eleise Online

13 December 2016

Behind The Scenes: jane iredale #itonlytakesaminute Campaign!

"... iiaa, who also own… Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements... my skin was dehydrated, which I already suspected. It showed me that although I drink lots of water (try to anyway) my skin cells aren't holding the water they need to, so my skin feels tight and has small pulls in it... Samantha assured me this is something that can be addressed with the high concentration of vitamins..." 

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07 December 2016

A little bit of skincare xo 

"...These are the Skin OMEGAS+ by Advanced Nutrition Programme which I have been taking for about 3 weeks now... They are all natural and contain vitamin A and omega’s including EPA and GLA which help to maintain beautiful skin and hair. Now I’m no expert so I can’t really tell you all the technical bits but so far so good! My hair does actually feel a little less dry, and my Eczema is ever so slightly starting to clear up! So hopefully a few more weeks and my skin will be glowing and clear of eczema, yay!..."

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Honestly Aine

06 December 2016

Introducing... jane iredale, Environ and Advanced Nutrition iiaa products cover

"I was sent the Skin Vit A+ and Skin Omegas+ supplements... The Skin Omegas help protect against the effects of colder climates and to help prevent loss of moisture and generally help the integrity of the skin, giving some luminosity to the skin... vitamin A is more about cell production and repair, where as the vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health... You take two tablets a day and thankfully there was no funny taste or after taste... If you really struggle with healthy skin, these might be something worth checking out."

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Introducing New Skin Care and Make-Up Brand 

"...We have the skin vitamin A+ for skin health... then we have skin omegas... now Vitamin A is more about repairing the skin and helping cell growth... and the omegas... help everything look a bit healthier and feel a bit healthier..."

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University Of Bedfordshire 

November 2016

Davina Kumal

"I started as a PR & Communications Coordinator at The International Institute for Anti-Ageing. After five months I was promoted... On beauty: Feed, Fortify, Finish - the iiaa's philosophy, always feed your skin from within with supplements (Advanced Nutrition Programme), fortify with vitamin A (Environ) and finish with skincare make-up (Jane Iredale)..."

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November 2016

International Institute For Anti-Ageing Review

"Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A+ We all know that Vitamin A is an essential vitamin to having a healthy and glowing skin. It is essential for cell production and repair, and it helps to prevent collagen breakdown, maintaining skin's firmness... After using it for two weeks my skin felt healthier, an I noticed a decrease in breakouts."