Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme February 2017
28 Feb 2017

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6 February 2017

#100 Day Reset Day 100 Update

“I’m back with my final 100 day reset video, for day 100… the 100 day reset is basically where the iiaa gave me a challenge that for 100 days I use entirely their skincare products, make-up products and their supplements… I was using the Accumax™ which are really good for problem skin… I’m so happy with the results again… my congestion has improved, my texture has improved… my breakouts are less severe if I get them… huge thank you to the guys at the iiaa… it’s been so awesome doing this challenge… I’ve seen the difference 100 days can make, there is 365 days in a year if I keep continuing to use all these different products then I’m so excited to see how good my skin will be…”

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20 February 2017


 “…It literally covers up any blemishes or redness that I might have on my face (which to be honest isn't really a lot because I… take supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme™)…”

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13 February 2017

…Advanced Nutrition Programme™… #iiaacomplimentday

“On Tuesday 24th January… it was National Compliment Day and I got sent a very exciting package sent by Davina from the iiaa…Included in my #iiaacomplimentday package there was Skin Accumax™ sample for me to try from Advanced Nutrition Programme… I love supplements so much... This is a skincare supplement that has been specially designed to help those who are occasionally unhappy with their skin as well as people who have ongoing concerns, ingredients include vitamins A, C & E. Problems with your skin are often caused by an internal imbalance so that's why ANP target the source from inside because there is NO way to treat a hormonal imbalance using skin care products on the surface of the skin.

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13 February 2017

January Favourites

“Then I have some supplements as well that I wanted to show you… Skin Complete supplements from The Advanced Nutrition Programme™… there are Skin Antioxidants and Skin Vit A+… I do think they help me to keep my skin in a good condition… it’s really to keep your skin beautiful and fresh and radiant and glowy… the supplements will help protect your skin against any environmental and pollution, and from the sun as well…”

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27 February 2017

Acne Skincare Routine

“… I want to tell you about a supplement that was 70% of my success when it came to fighting acne… this is The Advanced Nutrition Programme™  Skin Accumax™… I take Omegas and I take Skin Vit A+ AND Skin Antioxidants which help to keep my skin radiant… but this is an incredible product… they feed your skin from the inside and clear it… the results from Skin Accumax™ are pretty incredible… I also take Skin Complete… keep your skin radiant and plump…”

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06 February 2017

Only Acne Knows…


“…In my first post, I told you how I cleared my acne up naturally with the amazing Skin Accumax™. The tablets I took were not only from a renowned skin institute but also heavily researched and trialled with fantastic results. When my skin got dramatically clearer I noticed on several occasions people were saying "it didn't clear up because of those vitamins". Those people couldn't get their head around what I was trying to explain. The truth is, yes it was my vitamins - they contain a special combination of vitamin A, C and E with phyto-nutrients to support skin health and work from the inside to treat skin problems - specifically acne…”

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