Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme July 2017
31 Jul 2017

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29 July 2017

Reset Your Routine With iiaa

“ Those of you who follow my Instagram will know I work closely with the brand IIAA… Advanced Nutrition Programme™…  ‘Skincare Ultimate‘ pods of supplements, so handy and makes you remember to take them every day …also SO convenient for holidays!… but with 28 pods of 5 different supplements this is to get your skin glowing from the inside in just a month! Each pod contains  Vitamin A+D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3+6, Biotin + Astaxanthin, C0Q10 + Pine Bark Extract. These combined keep your skin and hair healthy and balanced by providing you with plant nutrients, essential fatty acids and Vitamins…”

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29 July 2017

iiaa Best Friends Day Summer Pack…

So to celebrate National Best friends day iiaa also sent me over the most gorgeous grey and rose gold trunk filled with summer themed goodies ready for my travels!... Skin Accumax™, the things I have heard about this ANP product are literally revolutionary… I have seen and read so many stories and before and after pictures that you would not believe. This, for problematic skin… is a wonder product…” 


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09 July 2017

International Best Friends Day

In June we saw National Best Friend Day and iiaa sent me the most gorgeous box of goodies. One thing I praise iiaa for so highly is their presentation. They take so much care and consideration into every single package and it does not go unnoticed… Now the Skin Accumax™ came with a really cure little pill pot to put your day needs in which I thought was a lovely added touch…”

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July 2017

International Institute For Anti Ageing 100 Day Reset

“Advanced Nutrition Programme™ - Skin Box - Skincare Ultimate. Each pod contains 5 super supplements providing nutrients to feed your hair and skin from within. Each pod contains: Vitamins A + D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3+6, Biotin + Astaxanthin, C0Q10 + Pine Bark Extract. The 28 day supply contains 140 capsules which does feel like a lot but when you use it, you will realise that the amount is just perfect… I really felt that my skin was improving, especially after those 28 days. It was clearer, felt hydrated and looked healthier. I am looking forward to seeing the longterm effects of taking these supplements!...”

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24 July 2017

Product Review : Advanced Nutrition Programme® Nail Science

This month I’ve been trialling a nutritional supplement called Nail Science. I felt it certainly deserved a spot on the blog as I have had great results! Despite working in the beauty industry and doing countless manicures for other people, my own nails normally suffer. With the constant exposure to acetone as well as being a human Guinee pig for all the new treatments I roll out to my clients, my nails needed a boost! I started taking these supplements with water during lunch times and over the last few weeks I’ve really noticed a difference as my nails are the longest they’ve ever been and not splitting and breaking… I’d highly recommend trying these if you are trying to grow your nails out…”


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27 July 2017

What Your Food Cravings Mean

Whether you’re craving a bowl of pasta or a Krispy Kreme, experts say cravings are the body’s way of telling us something is missing, helping us to better maintain a balance of vitamins, minerals and energy levels… To squash your cravings for good, make sure your diet includes plenty of the following... Omega-3 Fish Oil… Advanced Nutrition Programme™…”

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31 July 2017

#100DayReset Challenge Day 60

“This is part of my #100dayreset with… The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ … My skin is looking really good after being on holiday, really plump and radiant but I’m putting that down to my supplements…”

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