Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme June 2017
30 Jun 2017

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06 June 2017

Reset Your Routine with iiaa

“…In the first part of the Reset Your Routine event I was introduced to was a machine that tests the elasticity of your skin… I was also told all about their Advanced Nutrition Programme™ - which lives by the ethos that it doesn’t just matter what you put on your skin topically, but of course what you internally feed your skin… Attendees had the chance to speak with professionals about the new Advanced Nutrition Programme™ the iiaa offers as well as see where their skin can be improved using these skin testing machines….”


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13 June 2017

12 Quick Beauty… Products You Need This Summer 2017

“…Supplements… Advanced Nutrition Programme™ - These beauties have been my daily supplements providing Vitamins A+, D which I know for sure I don't get enough of from my everyday diet, especially when forever on the go. The Omegas pack is specifically designed to help blemish-prone skin which is perfect for my skin type. They've recently updated all their branding into beautiful colourful tubs…”

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09 June 2017

How I cleared my hormonal acne without chemicals

Ever since my early teens I have been plagued by the confidence-eradicating plight of hormonal acne and have sampled a ridiculous number of creams and potions, ointments and tablets – all in a desperate attempt to put an end to my pimply conundrum… I was told that my acne would be treated internally by ‘feeding’ my skin with Skin Accumax… Within about two months my skin started to improve. Another four months went by and my face was completely clear. I was flabbergasted – and I don’t use the word flabbergasted lightly… I can honestly say I have never been happier with the condition of my skin… I have so much praise for Skin Accumax™ – which also contains the skin-rejuvenating vitamins A, C and E in addition to its patented wonder ingredient, DIM… Thank you Skin Accumax™ for giving me the confidence to mince about smugly with a blissfully bare face – something we should all feel able to do…”

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07 June 2017


“…So I’ve decided to take a holistic approach to my skincare using the iiaa (International Institute for Anti-Ageing) method… with supercharged supplements… I’ll be taking the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Super Ultimate skincare supplements every day –  I love the way they are packaged to make it super easy to take all in one go, very portable so I can just pop them in my handbag if I need to take them with me. It’s got everything you need in one little pod – omegas, antioxidant and loads more. So that’s the Feed part sorted…”

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07 June 2017

#100DayReset CHALLENGE: DAY 1

“… I wanted to talk to you about what I’ll be doing with my skin for the next 100 days… First of all it’s the supplements which is the feed element… from The Advanced Nutrition Programme™… their Skincare Ultimate which is described as little pods of beauty which is a great way to describe what it is… I think it’s so clever… a really clever little concoction for great skin…”

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08 June 2017

iiaa Reset Your Routine Press Event

“…I was talking to Lorraine Perretta about this… Skincare Ultimate 28 pods of beauty… After speaking to Lorraine Perretta… she explained to me the reasons why people get dry skin… either you’re not getting enough water or you’re not getting enough Omegas 3 and 6 which act like a water bubble… the pods tear away so it’s going to be great for travel… it’s meant to maintain normal, healthy skin…”

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21 June 2017

“…These brands use the power of science to assist in restoring, reviving and revitalising skin, helping to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. I fell in love instantly with their products. High performing and high quality while safe, chemical free and natural… What Is A Skinbox Pack? The Skin Ultimate box offers a comprehensive, perfectly balanced and sycronistic skin health supplement combing vitamins, minerals which boost the health of skin, hair and nails with the added properties of pine bark extract which not only delays the effects of skin ageing but also lightens and brightens the skin! Your Skincare Ultimate gives you 28 pods of beauty, 28 days supply a total of 140 plant based nutritious capsules…”

Jane Iredale, iiaa Giveaway! pic

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19 June 2017

#100dayreset | iiaa reset your routine | DAY 1

“…So I have decided to take the challenge using all three brands…  Advanced Nutrition Programme™… you can all see how dry and flaky my skin is at the minute and how lovely and glowing it will be in 100 days time… The first one was ANP, and it was an elasticity test that they did on your neck with a machine. The results could be anywhere between 0-1, closer to 1 being the better result. I think I actually got a really bad score somewhere around 0.6-0.7 so I know I definitely need to work on that aspect of my skin and improve the elasticity…”

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23 June 2017


“…creates skin that is healthy from the inside out, with brands… The Advanced Nutrition Programme™…  which helps to support skincare regime, by providing daily amount of vitamins, plant extracts and minerals to help maintain healthy glowing skin…”  

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26 June 2017

Summer Skin Focus

I’m really excited to share some new summer products that are just right for this time of year and leave you feeling ready for the summer holidays!... I’ve been taking daily Vitamin supplements and using skin care from the iiaa -  for the last few weeks and I have noticed that the dryness around my nose is going away. The blemishes I sometimes get on my upper arms area also starting to fade and I haven’t felt that I’ve needed to wear a lot of foundation - perhaps that’s the heat and my slight tan but I think this holistic approach to skincare is the way forward! Skin Accumax™ is one of the supplements that is available at the iiaa - for problematic skin these ingredients work from the inside *chest back and shoulders as well as face* all get targeted with the help of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E…”

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June 2017

My skincare journey

That’s the beauty of filters, Photoshop, and makeup, especially when you suffer from a little thing called rosacea… In terms of supplements I used Skin Accumax™. This has a high concentration of active ingredients for people prone to problem skin, which helps to work from the inside. I took 2 of these twice a day to start out, and then 1 twice a day thereafter… A balanced and clean diet also aids towards great skin so I was continuing to focus on this and trying to avoid as many bad foods as possible… There has been huge progression to date, in both my skin care and my confidence. My rosacea has reduced dramatically and I have been very happy to go makeup free…”

perfect skincare routine rosacea

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20 June 2017

#100DayReset programme

“I am excited to announce that I am taking part in the revolutionary #100DayReset programme which has been launched by the International Institute for Anti-Ageing… who distribute… The Advanced Nutrition Programme™… The idea is that we have a 100 day Programme to help people improve their skin, get into a new routine… celebrate progress that is made along the journey…”

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30 June 2017

100 Day Reset

“…iiaa Ltd for their Reset Your Routine VIP Event… The product selection looks amazingI have saved the biggest product until last as I feel this one has had the most dramatic effect on my life. This is the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skincare Ultimate 28 day pod challenge. Each individual pod contains 5 tablets that help you get all the vitamins you need for full beauty. Vitamin A + D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3 + 6, Biotin  Astaxanthin, COQ10 and Pine Bark Extract. I feel my hair is thicker, my skin is radiant, my nails are stronger. I have been taking this for around 14 days now and am really really noticing the difference. If you haven’t already tried any products from ANP this is the one that is going to turn your life around! This is the one you need in your life!...”

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