Influencer Highlights – Advanced Nutrition Programme September 2016
09 Jul 2016

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Wellness Central 

28 September 2016

The importance of Vitamin C

"Once we hit autumn we immediately start to pick up little bugs like 'the sniffles', flu and sore throats. I always start this time of year by increasing my intake of vitamin C to ward off these nasties. So here's my guide to the best ways to get vitamin C into your diet."

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Dr Mayoni

26 September 016

What is the Environ skin care range, and why should I consider it?

"I’m really excited to be an authorised Environ Skin Care Professional. This fantastic range is unique because it has been scientifically developed around one main cornerstone ingredient: vitamin A. Environ is the brainchild of Dr Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon and skincare specialist, who introduced the first Environ® skin care products back in 1990. Dr Fernandes was one of the first aesthetic specialists to see the potential of vitamin A. He and his team have been working on developing and extending the range since then..."

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Passion for Fresh Ideas

9 September 016

Health and Nails

"Can your nails help to tell you how healthy you are? Lorraine Peretta from the Advanced Nutrition Programme believes your nails are full of tell-tale signs..."

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The Moments

1 September 016

August Favourites and BIG THANK YOU!

"...I have some supplements that I wanted to share with you and this is the Sun Pack from Advanced Nutrition Programme, these are the supplements that I use every day... there is Omega 3 Fish Oil, then there is a Skin Defender... vitamin E, vitamin C... there is Skin Vitality 1... a broad-spectrum vitamin... I have been taking all this and this summer... even though I use SPF every day I still try to protect my body and skin from the inside. I actually think that the reason why I didn’t burnt at all this summer is because I use these and I mean it's just something that you can take for your overall well-being but you don’t only have to take it in the summer because I take supplements for my hair and nails and skin all year round..."