Influencer Highlights - Advanced Nutrition Programme September 2017
30 Sep 2017

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12 September 2017

“…Day 30 of my #100dayreset challenge is finally here, it’s gone so quick!... The challenge is where I use… Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements… for 100 days. The products contain skin loving ingredients and have been created to help reduce problem skin… To give my skin a vitamin A boost from inside and out, I’ve been taking five Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements… I’ve noticed that my nails have been growing at a ridiculous rate since… I’m really pleased with my skins progress so far, its certainly improving and going in the right direction so I can’t wait to see what it’s like on Day 100. During the past 30 days, the acne around my jawline has reduced and my bumpy congested forehead has improved, it’s now a lot smoother…”

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16th September 2017

Phase two of the #100dayreset challenge

“…For the next 30 days, I will be taking two Skin Accumax™ capsules twice a day, with a meal… Skin problems are usually caused by an internal imbalance so the Skin Accumax™ capsules work from the inside out to improve the skins appearance…”


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26 September 2017


“…the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Supplements come in a blister pack of 28, to last 28 days… you’ll know how thrilled I am with the results… here’s an unedited, almost no makeup photo so you can see the results for yourself… I couldn’t be more happy with what…  the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements have achieved… My pores appear smaller and my skin just feels fuller and plumper…  I’m almost addicted to the results…”

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24 September 2017


“…I can really feel that my skin has benefited already… I can tell that my skin looks better, feels better… there’s a lot less inflammation and redness on my skin which is down to the supplements…”

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