Influencer Highlights - Environ January 2017
30 Jan 2017

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12 January 2017

The #100dayresetchallenge – a Sassy Experiment

“I arrived for my first assessment… having done the expected health checks, put my head in a box. But this is no ordinary box. I took images of my skin which enabled her to assess: Age of my skin (which may not be my actual age), sun damage and dark spots, underlying trauma such as broken capillaries and darkening, wrinkles and dehydration lines, surface bacteria, oil distribution and pores… This done it was onto the first treatment - the Advanced Active Vitamin Facial… It was a shock – a very nice shock. I looked visibly different and my skin looked smoother, younger, brighter. I looked younger. The following day the results are still there…  have walked away with a simple set of products, chosen for my specific needs and skin damage…”

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11 January 2017

Skincare to the Rescue

“…I’ve been using the B-Active Sebuwash for months now and I find it really does help my skin. Aside from helping with my oily skin and with breakouts, my face is always left feeling soft and clear. If you have a similar skin type I would definitely recommend looking into the Environ® skincare range…”

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03 January 2017

#100dayreset Day 60

“…the iiaa set me the challenge to totally reform my slobby beauty ways to get my skin in better health. By using…Environ® skincare range… exclusively for 100 days, we're tracking how these products have been changing my skin for the better… the overall health of my skin looks like it's improving still. My complexion is clearer and pores all over are less congested…”

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11 December 2016

Routine Regulars

“…Eye creams can make my eyes puffy. This gel is light yet packed with wrinkle busting peptides and skin building vitamins A, C and E.”

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20 January 2017

The 2017 Men's Grooming Manifesto

 “…It’s estimated that 50 per cent of the population of Europe, the USA and Asia are deficient in vitamin D, which is formed in the skin only on exposure to sunlight,” says Dr Des Fernandes, author of Vitamin A Skin Science.”

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30 January 2017

3 Must Have Products For Dehydrated Skin

“These hydrating oil capsules contain vitamin A and vitamin C along side other antioxidants to help fight signs of anti ageing, and of course to hydrate... Each capsule comes with plenty of oil to cover the whole face and the neck. Despite being an oil, it’s very lightweight and non greasy. I tend to use these capsules once or twice week after I’ve used my face masks at night because I feel like that’s when my skin has had a good deep cleanse and the moisture can sink in.  I like how soft and hydrated this product leaves my skin feeling…”

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27 December 2016

2016 quick fire Q+A and favourite beauty products!

“Favourite Skincare? Hands down Environ®… changed my skin within a week of using it… Favourite mask? My Environ® Revival Masque…”

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2 January 2017

What I Got for Christmas 2016

“I also got a Christmas Cracker from Environ®… inside it has the Eye Gel… it’s the Eye Gel I use everyday… it helps me get rid of my dark circles and puffiness…”

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