Influencer Highlights - Environ November 2016
14 Nov 2016

Bloggers and Vloggers

Danielle Brundish

29 November 2016

Taking Vitamin A Supplements

"...I just love Environ products... I can tell ya, they work. They are so good for your skin and packed full of vitamins A, C and E and other key active ingredients that promote fabulous skin for everyone... There are specific products and supplements that help certain skin concerns though, so do some research and find out what would be best for you and your skin... Overall I have found that using Vitamin A topically on my skin using Environ products, as well as using Vitamin A internally through the use of the Advanced Nutrition Programme has definitely made a huge difference to my skin. It feels brighter and so much more moisturised, and my eczema has cleared up on my neck, elbows and legs (and mostly cleared up on my hands)... By taking supplements that contain Vitamin A, and using skincare that contains Vitamin A, it is the most powerful way to reap the benefits of Vitamin A, and improve your skin and keep it healthy and make the most out of the Feed, Fortify, Finish philosophy." 


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The Moments

28 November 2016

Current Skin care Routine #100DaysReset

"...I have been using the same skincare brand for over a year now... I have been using the brand called Environ... their policy is all about feeding your skin with vitamin A...They advised me to try their new skincare... After two months I have seen such an improvement in my skin, I saw such an improvement in my skin tone as I have always had and still have an uneven skin tone but now it's half as bad as it used to be. I don't have as many hormonal breakouts as I used to... I have really enjoyed using these products and I've really seen that they work... I have been using the Environ AVST Moisturising Toner... it's great it's very refreshing, very toning... if you have an uneven skin tone then this is definitely one of the products I would recommend...  Then I will use my moisturiser... Environ AVST 1, and now I'm stepping up to AVST 2. The difference between them is the amount of vitamin A in them... It really did help me with my uneven skin especially on my cheeks, it keeps my skin really nicely hydrated and plumped up..."

Sophie Milner

27 November 2016

#100dayreset Day 30

"...It's time for an update on the #100dayreset I've been doing with the iiaa. To recap quickly, I've ditched my rubbish old skincare routine for 100 days in favour of using a three-pronged approach with daily ANP Supplements, Environ skincare, and jane iredale mineral makeup, along with weekly cool peel facials at the Skin3 Salon... So this process has been as much about educating about the science behind good skin as well as actually using powerful products... And I have to say I'm far more impressed than I could ever have imagined I would be. After sticking to it, my skin began to get clearer and less congested, and by the end of the first 30 days I had colleagues complimenting my how flawless and clear my skin was looking and asking me the deets of my newly implemented skincare regimen..."

"...So in the first photo, you can clearly see through the yellow and blue dots that the texture is pretty patchy around my nose. After 30 days I was blown away with how much this was reduced, and you can see my general skin looks far smoother with a more even skin tone... See what I mean about being impressed? If that's how things look after just 30 days - not even a third of the way through the #100DayReset - I can't wait to see the results are at the 60 day mark..."

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#100dayreset Day 30  | Fashion Slave | Sophie Milner

"...So this is my video on Day 30 for my 100 day reset challenge. For anyone who isn't quite sure what this is i've been doing this 100 day reset challenge to sort my skin out and with the iiaa and they are this awesome company which look after three major brands ...They've got Environ Skincare, which has loads of skincare products, and you can make a tailored regime for yourself with lots of vitamin A which is really great for your skin… I'm using their products and following their regimes for 100 days to see if I can improve the health of my skin… I've been following my Environ routine... I kept at it and started to see a massive improvement... I've had people at work say to me, your skin looks really good at the minute, and I was like yes this is amazing this means it's working... I had another skin analysis at the Skin 3 Salon... and I was completely blown away... But to see the actual results then and there and to see what's happening on the under layers of my skin that was really great... So fingers crossed it's going to go really well..."

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A Model Recommends

21 November 2016

The Biggest Ever Harvey Nichols Gift with Purchase

Featuring "Environ - £20 off treatment voucher." 

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11 November 2016

Stay In The Know

"...A brand worth looking out for is the South African based Environ, which offers a starter kit..."

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Darling Buds Of Mei

6th November 2016

My Skincare Journey With The iiaa

"...The second brand that’s part of the iiaa is Environ Skin Care. I’d heard quite a bit about Environ already and knew a few other bloggers rated the skincare brand ...Environ has different ranges suiting various skin types. I was recommended the AVST range which is supposed to reveal beautiful, healthy looking skin. The range provides the optimum, balanced doses of vitamins A, C & E antioxidants..."

iiaa skincare


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The Moments

31 October 2016

October Favourites 

"I have the Lemon Grass Love Hydration Spray from jane iredale. It's organic and cruelty free. It smells incredible, the packaging is very luxe. Some of the money goes towards a cancer charity which is incredible. It smells so fresh and summery... I also have the Smooth Affair eyes in Naked by jane iredale. It's a very smooth, very creamy eyeshadow that you can apply all over your lid. They do come in loads of different colours which I love because they are just so easy to use"