Influencer Highlights - Environ September 2016
09 Jul 2016

Bloggers and Vloggers

Pure Irish Sugar

29th September 2016

New Skincare Products I’m Loving

"Skincare is my favourite element of beauty. I love how using one product can change the way your skin feels and looks. I can always tell from first use if I’m going to like a skincare product by the feel. This month I’ve introduced a few new products to my skin routine and I have been wearing less makeup during the day because of it."

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So You're Getting Married

23 September 2016

5 of the Best Ways to Remove your Makeup Properly 

"...I am 100% sold on oils to cleanse for most skin types. The amazing thing will oils is they emulsify your makeup, making it super easy to remove, they offer some slip so you can take a few seconds to really massage the cleanser in, again, breaking down your makeup, but also stimulating the skin. If you are spot prone, or oily, don’t be scared of oils – they are much kinder to your skin than drying, foaming face washes, and they will not make you greasy, I promise. ...faves are Environ Pre Cleanse... perfect for removing stubborn makeup, and balancing the skin."

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The Moments

22 September 2016

Products I can't Live Without 

"...the Environ moisturiser... I just wanted to mention this is my skin care, this is what I use every day and I have been for pretty much a year now and my skin has improved so much. I'm not just saying it, I really have seen a difference, like the breakouts that I used to have I don't have the redness, the dryness, it just sorted my skin out. This is just the moisturiser but I use the toner, the cleanser, eye cream everything from Environ and they are fantastic."

Cent Magazine

13 September 2016

Un-Mash Up: Your Facials

"Sorbet Salon are pioneering the very best facial technology that mimics the effects of Botox without being invasive. Environ utilises a combination of science, cutting edge technology and natural minerals to promote and enhance the skins natural defences. Many major skin conditions arise from Vitamin A deficiencies as Vitamin A is important in promoting the skin’s own moisture, strengthening the outer layer, stimulating the production of protein and preventing breakouts..."

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