Influencer Highlights - Environ September 2017
30 Sep 2017

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24 September 2017

The Truth About Peptides

“…I’ve got Environ® that you won’t be surprised to hear… a peptide cream… it was really lovely and I used it to the last drop…”

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10 September 2017

Does Derma Rollering Really Work?

“…When I’ve stuck to it… it boosts the efficacy and the efficiency of the products you’re using… I interviewed Dr Des Fernandes from Environ® and he showed me some incredible before and afters… he explained to me that essentially it’s so you can put micro channels into your skin… even micro channels… are enough to get through to the epidermis… so you can get your active ingredients into your skin… he said it can get rid of pigmentation, fine lines… CIT Focus Stamp… a tiny little stamp… you can go around the eye… over the chin and around the lips… Des Fernandes says that all you need to get your skincare to penetrate…”

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27 September 2017


“…today is the day of my last Environ® facial… I’m so excited… this is a results driven facial and I can feel that it’s super hydrating… I can really feel that my skin has benefited already… I can tell that my skin looks better, feels better… there’s a lot less inflammation and redness on my skin …”

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26 September 2017


“…I’ve been using ONLY my Environ® products for the entire period…  I couldn’t be more happy with what the Environ® skincare…  has achieved…My pores appear smaller and my skin just feels fuller and plumper. I’ve also had three Environ® facials as part of my programme, which I can’t recommend enough – probably the best ‘results-driven’ facial I’ve ever had… I’m almost addicted to the results…”

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13 September 2017

Day 30 #100dayreset update

“…For the past 30 days, I have been using the Environ® Skin EssentiA AVST Moisturiser 1 twice a day… The moisturiser is lightweight and glides onto the skin… I’m really pleased with my skins progress so far, its certainly improving and going in the right direction so I can’t wait to see what it’s like on Day 100… The second phase of the Environ® treatment is the purifying facial which purifies the skin, micro exfoliates, hydrates the complexion all while refining the surface of the skin. The facial is perfect for those who have acne scarring and problematic skin like myself… The morning after my skin looked great. It looked brighter, smoother and the spots I had on my jawline were reduced in size. 

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16 September 2017

Phase two of the #100dayreset challenge

“…I’ll be using the Environ® B-Active Sebuwash morning and night to remove all traces of make-up and dirt from my skin before following up with a toner and moisturiser…”


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6 September 2017

Notes on... Environ®, Harvey Nichols

“…with a cynical heart that I read the benefits of the Environ® Active Vitamin facial. Radiant, they said. Younger-looking, they said. Nourished skin, they said. But hang on one serum-slathering minute; they might actually be on to something… The results were more visibly noticeable than I expected. The lines around my eyes reduced, skin glowing, redness and blemishes confined to the past tense…”

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