Influencer Highlights - iiaa August 2017
31 Aug 2017

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01 August 2017

iiaa #100DayReset Programme

“…The facial was called the ‘Active Vitamin’ facial by Environ® a South African skincare brand. The brand is part of the company iiaa (Institute for Anti-Ageing). After receiving a skin analysis and a facial that uses state of the art technology and scientifically proven skincare products, I was really impressed and accepted their challenge to start their 100 Day Reset programme… The 100 day reset programme by iiaa Ltd is where you use their brands skincare products for 100 days…” 

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31 July 2017

Environ® Active Vitamin Facial

“…gave me an overview about Environ® and the iiaa (The International Institute for Anti-Ageing) and how they use scientific products made from natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to penetrate the deep layers of skin to repair skin damage and reduce skin concerns…After the facial my skin was glowing and was a lot smoother. Now one week later the breakout I had that day has gone. I’m so impressed with the range of Environ® products and the state of the art technology they use that I have accepted their #100DAYRESET challenge…” 

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18 August 2017

#100dayreset | iiaa reset your routine | DAY 60

“…My skin is also glowing a lot more, before I started the 100 day challenge, my skin was quite dull so there's a massive difference there… I have also done some more training with the iiaa, and this was Collagen Stimulation Therapy – and it was super interesting to learn about and during the training we got to try it out by practicing on one another… I'm feeling so inspired for the next 30 days of my challenge, after seeing how much more I could do to improve my skin…”

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