Influencer Highlights - iiaa February 2017
28 Feb 2017

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6 February 2017

#100 Day Reset Day 100 Update

“I’m back with my final 100 day reset video, for day 100… the 100 day reset is basically where the iiaa gave me a challenge that for 100 days I use entirely their skincare products, make-up products and their supplements… I’m so happy with the results again… my congestion has improved, my texture has improved… my breakouts are less severe if I get them… huge thank you to the guys at the iiaa… it’s been so awesome doing this challenge… I’ve seen the difference 100 days can make, there is 365 days in a year if I keep continuing to use all these different products then I’m so excited to see how good my skin will be…”

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13 February 2017

jane iredale®: The Luxe Line, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ & Environ® skincare | #iiaacomplimentday

“…With the hashtag #iiaacomplimentday I quickly took a snap of all of the products… Included in my #iiaacomplimentday package there was Skin Accumax sample for me to try from Advanced Nutrition Programme™, and Environ's Youth EssentiA VitaPeptide Eye Gel and then a whole bunch of lovely make-up from jane iredale's Luxe Line gift set, aswell as a cute little hand mirror and a spoon”

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