Influencer Highlights - iiaa October 2017
31 Oct 2017

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30 October 2017

#100DAYRESET… THE RESULTS! | DAY 100 | Environ®, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ & jane iredale®

It’s been a long time coming – quite a way over a 100 days to be precise, but I’ve reached the end of my 100 Day Reset skincare challenge with the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, so I wanted to write my last and final update… Day by day, week by week my skin has become better behaved –  no monthly hormonal breakouts ‘the week before’ , my skin looks more radiant, luminous and just younger. By which I mean it looks plumper, softer, and a reduced appearance of the size of pores on my upper cheeks… I’ve been swapping out my regular foundation for much lighter coverage formulations, such as the jane iredale® Glow Time… During my 100 days, I’ve managed (and been lucky enough) to have experienced three Environ® facials, which are skin changing… let’s not forget the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Ultimate skincare supplements… I can’t underestimate the difference these little pods of beauty have made…  I’m so addicted to the results I’ve experienced that I know I’ll be continuing with many of the products in my regime, especially the supplements… The biggest compliment of all? I went shopping with my thirteen year old daughter a couple of times last week… and twice we were asked if we are sisters. If that’s not a testament to the magic of the 100 Day Reset, I don’t know what is…”

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07 October 2017

Car journeys, curls and blogger mail

“So last Tuesday was National Skin Day… I got a few packages from iiaa… I got the Environ® Sebuwash… I swear by it… Skin Accumax™, which I take everyday, but the packaging has changed… it’s more eco-friendly… I’ve got another eyeshadow palette, a blusher and some lipsticks from jane iredale®…”

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