Influencer Highlights - iiaa September 2017
30 Sep 2017

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16 September 2017

Phase two of the #100dayreset challenge

The iiaa Ltd have three amazing brands, the Advanced Nutrition programme™ to FEED the skin, Environ® skincare to FORTIFY and jane iredale® skincare make-up to FINISH the skin. The iiaa use a scientific approach to creating effective skincare products to achieve long-term beauty benefits…”


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12 September 2017

Day 30 #100dayreset update

The challenge is where I use Environ® skincare, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements and jane iredale® makeup for 100 days. The products contain skin loving ingredients and have been created to help reduce problem skin… Overall, I’m really pleased with my skins progress so far, its certainly improving and going in the right direction so I can’t wait to see what it’s like on Day 100…”

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26 September 2017


“…I’m now at the 90 day stage (or thereabouts) of my 100 Day Reset challenge with the International Institute for Anti-Ageing… I couldn’t be more happy with what the Environ® skincare and the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements have achieved…  My pores appear smaller and my skin just feels fuller and plumper. I’ve also had three Environ® facials as part of my programme, which I can’t recommend enough – probably the best ‘results-driven’ facial I’ve ever had…”

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