Influencer Highlights - Jane Iredale September 2016
09 Jul 2016

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A Paler Shade of Beauty

1st October 2016

jane iredale Make-up

"The beautiful Jane Iredale founded Iredale Mineral Cosmetics in 1994 bringing her ground breaking mineral makeup line ‘Jane Iredale’ to the forefront of the cosmetic industry. This range of makeup benefits the skin and was developed during her time working in the entertainment industry in America. She had noted that many an actress suffered with problematic skin due to the types of makeup they used. In an industry based on flawless looks, to suffer with problematic skin resulted in many decreased job offers on-screen and reduced self-esteem. Jane’s goal was to create products that “look good, feel good and are good for the skin”. Not only that but she wanted her makeup to be easy to use and multifunctional so that women can look their best in the shortest amount of time. The brand is also heavily involved in breast cancer awareness, environmental and humanitarian organisations, local community projects and animal rights. These cosmetics are also certified cruelty free by the CICC and PETA."

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Madeleine Loves

30 September 2016

Here are the October Beauty Highlights

"...I’ve included the new jane iredale Smooth Affair for Eyes in Naked in this edit because I think it’s such a good base for shadow or way to just slightly add a little glow to eyelids – just pat onto the whole lid and wait a minute for the tackiness to subside if applying eyeshadow. ...Also pleasing is jane iredale’s Lipstick in Cindy, which would look good on pretty much every skin tone. I like to tap it on to the centre of my lips and add a little balm for that ‘freshly bitten’ thing that models always seem to sport."

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So You're Getting Married

23 September 2016

5 of The Best Ways to Remove Your Make-up Properly 

"... I’ve tried the jane iredale Magic Mitt, and it 100% works – simply saturate the cloth with water and then wash your face to take off everything! This is a “knitted micro-fiber cloth that relies only on water and tiny micro-fibre to penetrate oil and grime and wash it away”, so this will save you ££ on cleansing products, or if you struggle with allergenic skin, or are reactive to products this is perfect. Rinse with hand soap when you are done. This also helps to maintain skin health as unlike skin care products, it does not affect the skins acid mantle {the PH balance of the skin}..."

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The Moments

22 September 2016

Products I can't live without 

"...quite a recent addition to my make-up bag is the jane iredale Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner. I have been using it for about 5-6 months and I love this product, your eyelashes look fuller and longer and I do think that since I have been using this my eyelashes have grown because I rub my eyelashes quite a bit because I wear contact lenses... so this actually helped me alot."

Future Frock

19 September 2016

All the colours of my dreams

"Celebrating Organic Beauty Week, our Beauty Ed, Khandiz Joni, teams up with photographer, Mudita Aeron, to take clean beauty to the next level with with these vibrant natural and organic products..." - featuring jane iredale

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Women Talking

16 September 2016

Feel the Love - jane iredale launches Lemongrass Love in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

"Show your support for women and their loved ones touched by breast cancer with a spritz of Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray from jane iredale®. Refreshing and hydrating, it conditions and protects all skin types while minimising the appearance of pores and keeping oiliness at bay. Uplifting lemongrass brings energy and vitality to the skin and the spirit with every spray. De-stress, decompress, and delight every day..."

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Lisa Eldridge

15 September 2016

Opulent Burgundy and Berry Make-up Look Using Organic, Natural Colour

"...for concealer I am going to use the jane iredale Active Light concealer... a concealing pen and this is a natural product contains mainly minerals and some seed oils and various actually quite lovely ingredients."

The Sally Bee Channel

12 September 016

My Everyday Make-up for Tired & Stressed Skin

"...make-up wise I've been searching and searching for a natural make-up range that doesn’t have talc, parabens, doesn’t have any of the nasty chemicals. I've found it! I found the most fantastic range..."

The Sally Bee Channel

12 September 2016

Night Time Smokey Make-up for Tired & Stressed Skin

"...right now I'm wearing really natural jane iredale make-up the foundation I'm wearing is Liquid Minerals which is this one, the powder I'm wearing is PurePressed mineral powder. I want to show you how to turn this look, into a really dramatic evening look..." 

The Moments

12 September 2016

Cruelty free make-up 

Featuring PureLash Extender & Conditioner, Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion, Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, GreatShapes, Bronzers and Powder-Me SPF: "...if you have been watching my channel for a while, you would have heard about this brand before. I don't think I have ever done a favourites video or a haul video without jane iredale. I have been using her products for maybe a year now and I am seriously obsessed. It's paraben free, cruelty free and I just love all the products, I love the packaging I love how they perform... and they also all smell amazing and... anything that smells amazing, i'll have it give it to me, send it my way..." 


Back to you Beauty

8 September 016

It only takes a minute - My get out of the house quick GoTo jane iredale look

Featuring Smooth Affair, Powder Me SPF and Refillable Compact Bronzer - "Some of the products I have reached for more and more this summer have been the relatively new launches from jane iredale... I am a huge fan of the jane iredale range. Her liquid foundation and hydration spray are repeat purchases of mine and always leave my skin looking flawless and feeling hydrated and comfortable... A very easy, fast and beautiful selection of core products that I have used this summer and will happily continue to do so for the rest of the year."

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Balanced Beauty Bristol

7 September 2016

AUGUST EMPTIES - vegan + cruelty free + green beauty

Featuring the jane iredale Magic Mitt - "... it's this little mitt like this and it's made from microfibers, that are so fine... so they can push away oils without using any product on them. So you can just literally put hot water on it and then just take off your make-up and it works so, so, so. I takes off all your make-up..."  

The Moments

1 September 016

August Favourites and BIG THANK YOU!

"...we have something that I have been obsessed with in August and this is the jane iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion and it's just a very light, shimmery lotion that you can apply to your face and you can apply to your body. I didn't really wear make-up when we were on holiday so I would just apply a little bit of that on my cheeks and a little bit on my shoulders to give a little... highlight..."

"...these are just retractable brow pencils as you can see they just come out and then on the other side they have a brush you can just... smooth everything with and brush your brows out and I love these I have two shades... a light one and a dark one I have used a light one today and I love it it's a very soft application it's not judging I love it and I'm one of those people who forget they have eyebrows I literally do my make-up and I'll forget I have eyebrows so when I actually get a product like this I get excited about it and I'm like I have to use it...absolutely fantastic..." 

Ginger Talks

1 September 016

#itonlytakesaminute with jane iredale

"This autumn let your style reach new heights with the Fashion Forward collection from jane iredale. Achieve a strong, sexy look for eyes, brows and lips. Using jane iredale Smooth Affair® for Eyes which are creamy, blendable eye shadow/primers, the ultra-precise Retractable Brow Pencil with built-in spoolie and the ultimate red showstopper Cindy PureMoist® Lipstick..."

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The Beauty Shortlist

1 September 016

6 Ways to keep your summer glow going longer

Featuring jane iredale Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion - "...jane iredale’s mineral make-up offering is going from strength to strength at the moment, and this body lotion is the one you’ll want if subtle shimmer is your thing. It’s jammed with plant and fruit extracts like (the rather autumnal sounding) apple and blackberry, as well as white and green tea..."

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