NEW Food Intolerance Test
29 Sep 2014

NEW Intolerance Test!


We’ve teamed up with Cambridge Nutritional Sciences to create our NEW, improved Food Intolerance Test. Dry skin, breakouts and rashes can all be signs of a food intolerance. Many of your clients may suspect that certain foods don’t agree with them, and this test gives them a yes or no answer. They do a simple finger prick test, and they then send their blood sample off to the lab for analysis.


What's new?
The new, improved version of our Intolerance Test enables your clients to investigate further if they get a positive result. It includes seven panels which list different foods they can choose to be tested for. At this stage, your clients will deal directly with the lab, who will advise them on which upgrade option is best for them. They can be tested for 40 foods for just £96, all the way up to 200 foods for £276, and there are also options for vegan and vegetarian diets.