No body is perfect
06 Mar 2017

Environ® Body Probe

Even the most beautiful celebrity bodies use doubles. Examples include Kate Moss who had a double for her legs in the Rimmel advert according to the Daily Mail, while Keira Knightley admitted that in her film Domino "It’s definitely a body double, I don’t have that body." 

Environ® Body Probe Case Study

So, what if you could offer a new treatment that not only smooths cellulite but in tests has delivered actual inch loss. Sounds good? It is. 

Environ®’s new Body Profile Treatment utilises the new body probe in conjunction with the Ionzyme DF Machine. The treatment addresses larger areas of the body and improves the texture and appearance of thighs, stomach and arms when combined with Environ®’s Body Profile. 

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The body revolution starts now.