Part 2: Transform Your Clients' Skin
01 Mar 2020

Olivia Falcon is an Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Ambassador, award-winning beauty journalist and editor. In the second part of her series The Power of Supplements, she shares what sets the brand apart and why eminent aesthetic experts are recommending it to their clients. Olivia is the founder of The Editor’s List, a service that offers expert advice on where to find the industry’s top cosmetic practitioners and procedures.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ has a wide range of products to address many concerns, but for me the essential supplements my skin won’t do without are Skin Omegas+. They enhance the skin’s protection barrier, fast tracking dewiness and help moisturise skin from the inside out. I also religiously take Skin Youth Biome™ which contains bacteria to support my gut health, this has a strong connection to skin health. 

Shopping for supplements can be confusing and given that brands vary so much in quality I feel that Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements have the edge. They have been rigorously researched with scientific backing and proof of efficacy. I love the transparency of the brand, they source their ingredients responsibly, working with suppliers that obtain their omega oils from sustainable sources and using only premium quality ingredients. They are the only omegas I have ever tried that don’t repeat on me with that awful fishy taste hours later! This is due to their purity.

Other experts who I trust and respect are fans too. Rajiv Grover, one of London’s top face lift surgeons and former president of BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), recommends products such as the Skin Aesthetic Post-Procedure Pack from Advanced Nutrition Programme™. These carefully curated daily pods really help mitigate redness and downtime after cosmetic procedures while helping to support the skin’s recovery. “Nutrition is such an important element of healthy skin", he states. "There is a lot of research now showing that if you are young on the inside physiologically, you will look young on the outside too”, he adds.

“Prevention is always better than cure. If we look at the kind of results that well nourished people get it makes a big difference and something like Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is extremely helpful.”

Clients who want maximum results and healthy skin need to start from the inside out. Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is the best brand out there.

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