Q&A with our #100DayReset winning salon and client.
01 Jan 2018

In last month’s issue of the bulletin, we were delighted to announce the winner of the #100DayReset Programme competition as Absolute Beauty Treatments of Enfield (London). skin

The #100DayReset Programme Competition was an initiative set up to challenge salons to create a tailor-made #100DayReset skincare journey for their clients to help them ‘reset’ their skin and transform texture and appearance. 

Lorraine Hornett, owner of Absolute Beauty Treatments, and her client Joanna Newbury, spoke to the iiaa about their winning story.   

Salon Story: Lorraine

What is the story behind your business?

I started my business 10 years ago when my husband changed career and was to be working shifts. Having a home salon meant I could work around the shifts and manage the kids too. I was intent on it being as professional as a high street salon as I had been manager of several good salons 20 years prior to starting my own business. I was already using the jane iredale make up range in salon and had looked at taking on the Environ® as a results driven range was what I wanted for my new business. I have been exceedingly happy with the range and introduced the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ about 6 years ago.

What did you think of the #100DayReset Programme when you heard about it?

I thought the #100DayReset Programme was a great idea. I have often seen great results within this time frame so what better way to showcase this to the clients. Whenever I have a new client, I always explain to them, if they can give me three months of their time I will be able to show them results can be achieved in that time and then they progress with further results.

What was the advantage of the #100DayReset for your client, Joanna?

Jo happened to come to me near the beginning of the #100DayReset Programme, so it was an ideal opportunity for her to take part. I have had success before treating Rosacea and knew we could make a difference to her skin together.

What was the skin condition that you helped Jo with on the #100DayReset?

Jo had suffered with Rosacea for a while but only recently decided to make the decision to see if there was anything that could be done.

How do you feel about the results?

I felt confident that I could help Jo to improve her skin with the correct routine of treatments in salon and homecare products too. We have achieved the results together and will continue to do so with regular consultations, skin analysis and treatments.

Would you recommend other skincare professionals to provide the #100DayReset Programme  to their clients and why?

I would definitely recommend other skincare professionals to take part in the #100DayReset Programme. If you take your business and getting results as seriously as I do then I am sure you take regular before and progress photos. I had 4 clients who took part in it and although only one could win , the others have been so happy with their results and I have been rewarded not only with a great prize but the joy of seeing my clients confidence in themselves be enriched where their skin has been improved no end.

Client Story: Joanna

 When did you feel that you wanted to seek professional advice for your skin?

I'd noticed the changes in my skin over an 18 month period and after trying various expensive over the counter creams without any success I decided to speak to a skincare professional.

How did you feel about the condition of your skin before starting your treatment programme? quote

I was embarrassed by my skin and was starting to feel quite self-conscious. I'm a middle aged woman and couldn't understand why I was still having issues with my skin. It was time to take action! 

How do you feel about the results of your #100DayReset Programme?

I'm thrilled with the results! My skin not only looks better but it feels so much healthier. Seeing the progress during the skin analysis sessions is such a boost. It's not as noticeable when you look at your face and skin on a daily basis. 

What difference has it made to you?

I feel more confident and know that the products are working hard to improve my skin. The skincare regime is quick and easy to maintain which helps me to stay on track.

What message would you give to other people as a result of your experience?

If you are unhappy with your skin, have tried other products without success but are feeling hesitant about starting something new give this programme a go! It’s easy to maintain and noticeable results can be achieved - the commitment is well worth your time and energy.