Rolling back the years
21 Aug 2015

Rolling back the years


Beauty at the Gate in Holton le Clay has shared with us a terrific case study on their client Lisa, whose skin has been transformed after six months of Environ® treatments.


Before her treatments, Lisa had dull, coarse skin that was heavily dehydrated, causing lines and wrinkles that were ageing her. Her main concern was her eyes. In addition to the crow’s feet lines and puffiness, under eye bags and heavy lids were making her look constantly tired and older than her years. It was getting her down so much that she had decided to have eye surgery.


Lisa’s therapist Melissa says “I asked her to give me some time to try and tackle the problem before resorting to surgery. We immediately got her on a regimen of Environ® products, including AVST Moisturiser and C-Quence Eye Gel at home in conjunction with a course of salon treatments starting last November. Now she no longer feels the need for eye surgery!“


Lisa’s salon treatment regime

• A course of the Environ® Cool Peels, resulting in brighter, smoother and plumper skin. 

• A course of Collagen Power Facials followed, using Environ®’s unique soundwave technology to deliver the Sono DFP 312 peptide serum deep into the skin.


The results: completely refreshed texture and tone and a healthy glow, eye bags have disappeared and the skin is plumped out, making lines far less visible. Resulting in a much younger and fresher looking Lisa!


“The boost it gave Lisa’s skin after even just one treatment was incredible and we could see such a difference in Lisa’s skin when we took the photo in May after just two Collagen Power facials.”


Lisa herself has been pleasantly surprised by the results: “I could feel an improvement in my skin about a month after I started the facials and after three months you could see a big improvement. My skin is much smoother and the puffiness has gone.


“My skin no longer feels greasy and I’ve now got the confidence to go out without foundation which I never would have done before. It’s given me an all round confidence boost. I didn’t expect the results to be so good, I’m really delighted and I don’t feel like I need surgery now!”


Thanks to Beauty at the Gate for sharing this wonderful testimonial!