Sam ChristodoulouTraining Centre: London

"My first job in the beauty industry was working with Clarins as a spa therapist and then I moved over to Elemis where I got the chance to work in London for the very first time as a counter specialist and promoted to being assistant manager. I then wanted to get back into spa treatments so I got a job as a manager for Dove spa. After being in the beauty industry for a number of years, I wanted to try something different which then brought me to iiaa where originally I started in the flag ship salon Skin3 as their personal Skin Analyst. I then progressed to becoming a Skin Analyst for north east London which I loved, but then came along the job I have always wanted and that was to be a trainer. I have been a trainer ever since and love the brands I teach, the people I get to meet every day and not forgetting my brilliant training team!!"
What inspires you to train?
"I love to learn about new things and I like to tell people about them. My all-time favourite thing about training is when you see the change in a therapist from not knowing anything about the brand and being a bit nervous learning about it,  to absolutely loving the brand and wanting to come back for more training because they are extremely excited."
What is your desert island product?
"I can’t pick one.  That is too hard!! For Advanced Nutrition Programme™ it would be Skin Omegas+ as I’m very bad with my water intake and these help my skin to be hydrated from the inside out. For Environ® it will have to be my Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel as it massively helped with breakouts and scarring -  I saw the difference in just a few weeks of using it. And of course I can’t live without my Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 5, which is just too important to give up. For jane iredale, it would have to be my PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation as it gives me the coverage that I want, as well as giving me that SPF protection I need daily. Since being on all the brands from iiaa, my skin has just got better and better and better. I love it!!!!"