Skin Accumax top for inner beauty
02 Feb 2015

Skin Accumax top for inner beauty


Advanced Nutrition Programme™’s Skin Accumax, the supplement for problem skin, has won a prestigious Best Product 2015 award from leading US professional beauty magazine Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa. The awards honour outstanding aesthetic and spa products and equipment. Skin Accumax was selected in the Inner Beauty category by the magazine’s Educational Committee based on rave reviews from readers and from attendees of The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa.

The iiaa makes Skin Accumax in the UK and started to distribute it in the USA in September 2013, when Iredale Mineral Cosmetics became our exclusive distributor. The make-up brand’s founder Jane Iredale was so impressed with the consistent and dramatic results being achieved in the UK and Ireland that she felt it was the missing piece in her brand’s desire to give everyone the skin they’ve always wanted.

“Winning the Best Product award underlines the incredible impact that Skin Accumax is making in the world-wide marketplace. Customer feedback tells us that it not only gives people a new way to maintain clear skin but that it helps them to feel good too” comments iiaa head of nutrition Lorraine Perretta.

Skin Accumax is a patent-pending formulation containing a special blend of active ingredients, including a potent phyto-nutrient identified in broccoli, plus vitamins A, C and E, which work together to maintain healthy looking skin and a flawless complexion.