Skin Deep Confidence
16 Feb 2016

Confidence was restored when 51 year old Michael from Chorleywood saw great results after seeking therapist Alison Campbell’s helpful advice on taking an inside-out approach to his skin. 

Michael had been suffering from acne rosacea since his early 40s, which unfortunately turned into Rhinophema, a condition affecting the blood vessels on the nose, making it look extremely red, enlarged and bulbous with infected breakouts. 

Michael said: “It was particularly distressing and embarrassing, considering I do a lot of public speaking and engage with the public on a daily basis.” 

Alison said: “Michael had taken the usual antibiotic creams and drugs and he didn’t want to go down the Roaccutane route, as he was already having side effects from the continual use of antibiotics.” 

Michael wanted to find a natural, effective way to manage his condition. Alison added, “I decided to recommend four Skin Accumax, two Skin Omegas+, one Skin Vit C and one Skin Vitality 1 per day. He also supports his routine by using Environ AVST 5. This combination does seem to be the secret!” 

Michael said: “To my surprise during the following months I saw a dramatic improvement.”

Skin Deep Confidence