Science, technology and innovation lie at the heart of everything we do at the iiaa, helping us empower our network with cutting edge products, services and knowledge. Nowhere exemplifies this more profoundly that our Skin Health Research Centre.  

Housed in our London head office and led by medical director Dr Gaby Prinsloo, the team at the iiaa Skin Health Research Centre undertake extensive scientific research projects to analyse, explore and uncover ground-breaking strategies in wellbeing, skin and anti-ageing.  

Using cutting edge research methodologies and gold-standard skin analysis equipment, the results of these investigations inform the development of new products, protocols and technologies. This work ensures we deliver industry leading knowledge, skin health and wellbeing support across all aspects of the business. 

The research carried out by the centre is integral to the innovation, formulation and refinement of our Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements. Each new product originates from the analysis of scientific advancements and the testing of targeted nutrient synergies. The Skin Health Research Centre rigorously assesses products in scientific, human trials to quantify our unparalleled standards of efficacy, safety and quality