31 Jul 2018

With the UK in the midst of a heat wave it’s important to remind your clients’ to be sun safe.

 “Remember to be sensible about your sun exposure”, says Dr Des Fernandes. “You need UV-B to make important natural vitamin D, but you should not expose your skin for too long. What most people don’t know is that vitamin D is sensitive to UV-A light, and is destroyed once it has been made active in the skin. So if you want to be healthy you should not stay longer than 20 minutes in the sunlight! Vitamin A is also destroyed by sunlight. Both Vitamin A and D are in fact hormones, which work together to make healthy skin. Vitamin A destruction is the key event in the damage that eventually leads to aged skin. Vitamin A selectively prevents various chemical events induced by sunlight, including reducing the number of sunburn cells after irradiation and in that way prevents photo-damage. Retinyl palmitate exerts a photo-protection action by absorbing UV-B. It doesn’t replace sunscreen ingredients but the advantage is that vitamin A doesn’t block the formation of vitamin D in the way conventional sunscreens do. If the skin is rich in antioxidants, which recycle each other back into activity, then vitamin A levels remain normal. People who use retinyl palmitate every day not only rejuvenate their skin, but also increase their resistance to photo-damage”.