Summertime sustainable beauty is easy...
06 Jun 2016

The sun is out. All thoughts turn towards long sunny days, lighter clothing and enjoying the great outdoors. Then, when the layers peel off, the panic sets in. Refresh skin regimes and start feeding skin from the inside out with the Advanced Nutrition Programme.

Three reasons why:

  • A nutritional supplementation system that goes beyond basic nutrient supply but can also address symptoms like poor digestion and dry skin.
  • It fits into the salon concept of anti-ageing and health, so it completes the FEED, FORTIFY, FINISH™ approach.
  • Described by Nutritional Guru, Patrick Holford, as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of supplements, enormous care is taken to source only the highest grade ingredients in a truly sustainable way.

Skin Omegas+ have a unique blend of omega-3 and 6. The omega-3 in this product helps to keep skin soft, silky and well hydrated.
The key to sustainability is to make sure we don’t exhaust our ocean’s resources faster than they can be replenished. Our omega-3 fish oil suppliers EPAX, have a 170-year history of balancing resource use and resource renewal.

  • Our omega-3 oil comes from the largest and best managed fishery in the world – Peru.
  • Nothing is wasted and 100% of raw materials are used.
  • By using EPAX omega-3, we are also choosing to support sustainable ecological practices including minimising pollution, reducing energy expenditures and water consumption.
  • Our omega-3 oil has been awarded the Friends of the Sea (FOS) certification.