iiaa Live: The role of sunscreens in anti-ageing
01 May 2016

In the final video of this series of iiaa Live, Anna Richardson is joined by Dr Des Fernandes and Prof. Anthony Young.

For years the conventional wisdom has been to wear sunscreens, especially in the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest, to protect our skin from burning and the risk of skin cancer. However, despite increased awareness of the benefits of using sunscreen, we are still seeing a rise in skin cancers. Combine this with the confusing labelling that tells us little about the actual protective benefits of sunscreen, we ask what is the 'Role of Sunscreens in Anti-Ageing – curse or cure?'

Watch Professor Anthony Young of King’s College London present his clinical research into sunscreens, followed by a discussion with founder of Environ Skin Care, Dr Des Fernandes.