Part 1: Transform Your Clients' Skin
01 Feb 2020

Olivia Falcon, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Brand Ambassador, award-winning beauty journalist and editor, shares why she’s a firm believer in the ‘inside out’ approach to skincare. She is the founder of The Editor’s List, a service that offers expert advice on where to find the industry’s top cosmetic practitioners and procedures. 

It was in top Rhinoplasty surgeon Charles East’s office that I first discovered the transformative power of skin supplements. I was not there for a nose job but to interview him for the Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide and he was keen to show me his toys. Top of the list was a shiny machine called an Oligoscan, which he explained measures mineral deficiencies, antioxidant levels and heavy metal build up in the body using spectrophotometry, a technology that scans the dermis of the hand. East explained that he is a big believer in supplementing his patients pre and post operatively because a good dose of the right nutrients can speed up recovery times, help with wound healing and generally give them the edge on improving skin quality.

As chance would have it I had been taking Advanced Nutrition Programme’s supplements for a month prior as I had been gifted their Skin Ultimate pack after a visit to the iiaa’s Skin3 salon where I’d enjoyed an Environ® facial. I was keen to see if the external results I’d been experiencing (no more flaky forehead, drastic improvement with my dry shins, significantly stronger nails and blessed relief for my itchy, dry scalp) had translated to solid scientific proof that things were also on the upswing internally. 

I offered my hand expecting the worst, as at that time I was stressed, sleep deprived and much more focussed on wracking up alcohol units than keeping track of my antioxidant score. The results stunned us both. Not only did I completely ace the test but the antioxidant scores were some of the highest East had seen. “What’s your diet like?” he asked in awe. “ Pretty terrible,” I laughed. Needless to say I took a cab straight from his office back to Skin3 to pick up three more packs of Skin Ultimate. Research has shown that the wide range of plant nutrients it contains may help protect skin from exposure to sunlight, which can cause wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging. It also contains vitamin A which supports overall skin health along with CoQ10 and Pine Bark extract which have knocked back a couple of brown patches on my cheeks. It’s pretty potent stuff!

Since that day I have been keen to convert family, friends and followers to this inside out approach with supplements, as I believe it’s key to maintaining a vibrant, youthful skin. I wish more beauty professionals would see the bigger picture and be recommending them too for a more holistic 360º approach. With current London air quality at a record low and pollution at a record high, it’s super important now more than ever to boost and protect your skin (your largest organ) internally as well as externally. Vitamins, A, C, K, and E zinc, iron and copper are vital for skin health but sadly modern farming methods have depleted the quality of the soil, diluting the nutritional value of our food. To make things worse, here in the West the majority of people are eating refined, processed foods, making it even harder to get the nutrients we need. 

"I wish more beauty professionals would see the bigger picture and be recommending supplements for a more holistic 360º approach” 

Olivia Falcon

As a beauty editor and founder of The Editor’s List, a service that fast tracks people to the world’s leading cosmetic practitioners and procedures, I am constantly asked for skincare advice, If I had £1 for every time I’m asked “Which miracle cream do you recommend?” I would probably be wealthier than a Kardashian.

The truth is, if you really want to help slow the ageing process and keep your skin looking younger for longer, supplements are the game changer. 

And no-one does skin supplements better than Advanced Nutrition Programme™. 

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