Trends Uncovered
09 Apr 2017

Trends Uncovered It’s a new season and a fresh start to a new financial year of opportunity. The team at the iiaa share some of their industry insights and beauty trend predictions for 2017.

Trends Uncovered Facts


"Increased awareness of the vulnerability of natural resources, so leaders in the Beauty Industry will demonstrate packaging and manufacturing processes that are eco-friendly as well as beautiful." 

David Alpert
Managing Director


"The next 12 months will drive a refreshing reality check on what great skin is about. There’s a move towards reversing previous trends of trying to look 20 years younger and instead focusing on holistic skin health, vitality and glow. People will be more discerning and will demand efficacy rather than just pretty packaging and empty marketing promises." 

Tracy Tamaris
Director of Education


"Cosmetic surgical procedures dropped by 40% in 2016, so there’s a huge opportunity in the professional beauty market to offer results-driven products and treatments which provide a non-invasive but highly effective solution." 

Nicola Bell
Sales Director


"The next 12 months will see a move towards make-up brands that use natural ingredients and hold environmentally responsible values." 

Anushka Patel
Brand Manager


"In 2016, influencer and social media marketing went mainstream and we all wanted a piece of it. 

In 2017, it’s about demonstrating a return on investment from social media, bloggers, vloggers and influencers. Marketers will demand more from online spend so major players such as Facebook will need to demonstrate that engagement such as video can drive business results." 

Ewa Johnson
Head of Communications 


"As we see continued demand from savvy clients seeking real results, so we will see a demand for even more highly skilled and educated skincare professionals. The top talent pool will consist of serious, diagnostic skincare professionals. Brands with a continuous commitment to training are essential to keep their knowledge up-to-date, particularly as legislation continues to change." 

Gemma Taylor
Head of BeautyMatch Specialist Recruitment