What is Uneven Skin Tone?

Uneven Skin Tone occurs when melanin (the pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes its natural colour) is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. This over production is triggered by varying factors but the main causes are sun exposure, genes, age, hormones and skin injuries and inflammation.


Products used: regular use of Environ® homecare products plus Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Vit A+, Skin Vit C & Skin Collagen Support

Treatments: Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ (course of 6) plus Environ® Facials and two Cool Peels®.


Products used: Skin Vit C, Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 1-2, Mild Cleansing Lotion,Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion, Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream, RAD SPF 15